River Arts Screen | Screen Acting Classes 2015


“Acting for Film and Television”

Have you ever wanted to break into the film industry?

Now is the time.

With the influx of film and television productions, Georgia has risen to the top of locations for film and television projects.

Appeal to casting agents by learning how to:

Develop a Resume and Head Shot that appeals to casting agents

Learn how to audition for a television commercial or film project

Act in a short scene from a film or television show

The course is taught by Mr. Jeff Ballaro

Classes are  taught in age groups: elementary, middle school, high school and adult

Questions? Email us riverartsga@gmail.com

What You Get:

Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Head Shot, a Resume and your own DVD of your work.

To Register for Screen Acting Class,

“Acting for Film and Television”

 Please email us at:



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