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2018 Current Musical Production for Youth

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

RiverArts Productions in South Atlanta
Auditions Notice
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a summer musical production for youth.

Where: The Village Church
3418 Dogwood Drive
Hapeville, GA 3035

Contact: (706) 741-9882 for more information and audition slot
Ages: Children, High School and Young Adult Actors


The Current 2018 Production for children involves varying rates for different levels of participation. Scholarships available. Professional young actors will be compensated accordingly.

RiverArts Productions is a pre-professional and performance based program for young adults. Our 2018 Current Production is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Students will develop a professional approach to vocal delivery, characterization, singing, dancing, and stage combat. The summer production presents the perfect opportunity for young actors of all cultural backgrounds to hone their skills and develop a resume. Whether a casual enthusiast or an aspiring professional, all are welcome to attend.


Speaking Roles

Snow Nymphs, Wood Nymphs, Frost Fairies

These roles will involve younger children in expressive movement, vocal delivery, and characterization. (Ages 7-12)

King Goodheart

Wise and kind father of Snow White. (Older teen or adult)

Snow White

Beautiful daughter of the King. She is vulnerable and kind to all living creatures, but she is by no means a push-over. Her bravery and resilience emerges in the end, and she transforms to become a formidable counterpart to her nemesis, the Evil Queen. The role involves singing. (Older teen or young adult.)


The dark queen, statuesque and evil with a formidable and commanding stage presence, beautiful in an eerie, other worldly way. (Older teen or adult.)

Seven Dwarfs

Boys and Girls ages 7 -12, diminutive and funny, each possessing a certain stock character personality, the clowns and comic relief of the play.

Angus (The Huntsman)

A strong and dark powerhouse of a young man. (The role involves stage combat and swordplay.)

Finn (Huntsman Two)

Small, wiry and blond, very agile athletic and playful. A madrigal, he plays guitar and sings.

Darcy (Lady in Waiting to Snow White)

A strong-boned young woman of good country stock, skilled with a broad sword

Keagan (Lady in Waiting to Snow White)

A sharp-tongued spitfire, little and crafty, skilled with a crossbow.


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River Arts Stage | Sign Up for Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

Auditions for Romeo + Juliet, the Rock Concert!

Place: 202 Park Lane, Thomaston, GA 30286

Map It

Date: Monday, September 8, 2014 and Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Time: 6 pm to 9 pm

Fee: $75.00


River Arts Productions, a newly founded drama troupe and talent agency in Middle Georgia dedicated to providing opportunities for young performers in stage, television, and film, announces auditions for its upcoming production of Romeo + Juliet, the Rock Concert! Experience Shakespeare’s classic play in an updated and exciting new way.

Actors, singers, and dancers in all age categories will be needed for this workshop production. Main characters will be cast out of high school, college, and middle school students. Singers and dancers in the elementary grades will be utilized greatly in the chorus. Singers please bring sheet music or an accompaniment disk.

Auditions will take place at Park Lane Play Place and Fine Arts Center, 202 Park Lane, Thomaston, GA on Monday September 8th and Tuesday, September 9th from 6pm-9pm.

Details about the workshop and directions to the facility are available by clicking here for Map.

Otherwise contact us at 706.741.9882.

River Arts Productions


the upcoming full length musical production of


Romeo + Juliet, the Rock Concert!

You are invited to Sign Up today!

This Workshop Production prepares the student to participate in River Arts Production’s upcoming full length musical production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

In this Workshop Production, students will explore the following topics:

  • Introduction to Theatre History
  • How to Develop a Shakespearean Character
  • Comic Improvisation
  • Voice & Diction for the Shakespearean Stage

Certificate Presented Upon Class Completion

The Workshop is to be taught by Mr. Jeff Ballaro

Details To Be Announced

Workshop Production Begins: September, 2014


To Register for “Romeo and Juliet Workshop Production”

please email us at: