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…taking the stage to grow the arts

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A conservatory is a place to grow. It could be one of those glass greenhouses where rare and delicate plants can thrive. Or it could be a place to grow your artistic talent — like an arts conservatory.

A conservatory can conserve more than just plants; it can conserve culture, too. And so we have the conservatory as a school for the fine arts, in particular stage, ballet and classical music — often known by their fancy French title, conservatoire. The word comes from the Latin word conservare, meaning “to preserve.


As a vibrant arts community experience, our Hapeville Arts Conservatory enriches students with fun opportunities to act, sing, dance and co-create.

Students act in improvisations and comedic skits, develop confidence and public speaking skills, learn about stage craft including props, set design, lights and sound, while being an active part of the vibrant Hapeville, Georgia community.

Instruction in Acting, Choreography, and Singing with Fun Drama Games, Storytelling, Craft Projects, Puppet Making, Make-up, Masks, and Costumes!









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…opening doors for stage, screen and events in Middle Georgia

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