Charlotte’s Web

TUAC Production, Directed by Jeff Ballaro
Photo Credits:
Ellen Tew
Debbie Legg
57-Carly and (Uncle) 58-Carly and Jack with Zuckerman sign 72-Chase 2 73-Anna-Marie, Bryson, Raley, Ben, Jack, Megan, and Mason 74-Mason,  Chase, Taylor, Davie and Erin 75-Raley, Anna-Marie, Megan, Bryson, Levi, Jack, Mason, and 77-Baby Spiders 78-Curtain call 1-Chase 3-Erin 25-Carly 26-Carly 2 29-Stacey 30-Carly, Stacey, and Jack 38-Carly 4


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